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What Is The Living Water That Is Needed By Our Body ? Safety Google

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At first all the water of life. Water is the lifeblood of the earth. Water has the energy of life itself, and if the water dies, our earth is also dead. Water has a tremendous role in nature, because water is the KEY to the survival of all that exists in nature, it stands to reason that water is a living organism and therefore should be treated as such. This means that just by filtering dirt, will NOT give life back to the dead water, but 'Mother Nature' teach to Viktor Schauberger (inventor of the technology vortex of Austria) how to revitalize the natural water in order to live again, ie with naturally flowing water in rivers vortex produces many (not just a single swirl), swirling and coiling with typical spiral motion, then the diamagnetic energy transformation with a rock or crystal, interact with each other in order to purify and energize the water.

One of the unique water is having the ability to attract and accumulate bio-energy. In this case also save memory harmful or beneficial vibration energy received in the past. This is the basis of homeopathy. Chlorinated water (including the addition of other chemicals in water treatment) to be polluted with non-biological chemicals and negative energy footprint memilikki. These waters do not have a bio-energy, so it can be considered as 'dead water'. Contaminated water can be filtered, distilled or treated by reverse osmosis, but still die unless then there is the energy to make it a 'living water' (living water). Contaminated water or death could contribute to the deterioration of our health, otherwise the 'water of life' (living water) is one of the greatest healers. In the water we can see not only the disease but also cure if we are willing to learn from Nature.

According to Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig (German scientist, father of magnetic therapy on the basis of Schumann Resonance), which once exposed to water contaminated with pollutants or become 'dead water'. Sewage facilities are the most intensive and modern water treatment system once the water can not revive the dead. Further, Dr.. Wolfgang Ludwig said, simply living water that are useful for forms of life, which is completely different than just drinking water, which is free of germs or water in which contaminants have not exceeded the threshold. After purification water (carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, ozonation, UV radiation, etc.), chemical treatment, or even distillation, 'frequency electromagnetic pollutants' still exist in the 'memory of water' and can be transferred to the human body. These frequencies can be measured for each contaminant identified before and after conventional water treatment systems: the result is that although physical pollution can be eliminated, but their harmful frequencies still exist and can be damaging or detrimental to the health of every living organism. Not only the chemical compounds that affect the body when you drink the water, but also the frequency of undesirable effect. Only by restructuring the water we can erase the memory frequency of harmful pollutants that damage and restore biophoton abundance in water.

What about the Vortex Water?

Vortex Water is a 'living water' or 'water of life', because mlekul Vortex water is revitalized with vortex technology plus additional quantum technologies such as bio-energy at a frequency of 7.8 Hz (corresponding to the Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz), so the water is returned to the condition "Living Water" and also served to increase the "life energy" you.

Vortex Water produced from a revolutionary concept in water treatment by direct study of 'Mother Nature'. It performs far beyond any system of filtration, distillation, reverse osmosis system or water treatment system that ever existed. The concept was adopted from the way 'Mother Nature' generates its own energy in the water. One result is the ability to clean air and water for re restructured at the molecular level. Only by restructuring the water to remove the 'memory' that damage and restore its abundance biophoton. Thus, the water will be produced live (living water) and healthy again.
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