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Vortex Water : Why We Should Drink Pure Water ? Safety Google

The human body needs water to help the process of metabolism, from the digestive tract, metabolic transport systems, waste disposal systems to the rest of the metabolic process. In this process only as a carrier of water and do not provide useful elements in the body, because all the essential elements needed by the body is full of food and not from the water.

The essential elements needed by the body for growth is organic, not inorganic. Unlike plants that require inorganic materials, not organic, because the plant has the ability to convert inorganic material to organic through the process of photosynthesis. Of photosynthesis of plants in the form of organic matter is utilized by humans for growth. Starting from this, we are increasingly clear that water is needed to help the body's metabolic process is not to be taken elements. Why is that? Because the water in the most natural inorganic mineral ingredient, not organic ..! Inorganic minerals can not be used by the human body, because the man can not photosynthesize! (If humans could photosynthesize, no need to eat vegetables or meat, drink enough liquid fertilizer or manure is healthy eating).

Is the water in nature there is no organic minerals? There .. only a very small amount. Below are a study in Taiwan on the mineral content in the water compared to organic food:

From the above results, it appears organic mineral content in the water is very limited and the numbers were very small. To meet the needs of organic minerals our body needs in a day the amount of hundreds of liters of water. If there was an easy way to meet the needs of organic minerals through food, why torture yourself by drinking hundreds or even thousands of liters of water per day??? So the conclusion: we return to the water main function, namely as a means of transportation to bring results and a waste product of human metabolism.

What happens when we drink water that is not pure?

Before going further, we must be clear in advance what it is pure water and impure water. Pure water is water that contains no substances or other elements, is really only consists of a molecule of water, which is H2O. Its composition ya just H2O, nothing else. Water containing compounds or elements other than H2O called impure water. Generally impure water containing inorganic compounds and we already know that inorganic minerals can not be utilized by the body, because it was immediately thrown out of the body. The problem before discharge out of the body, inorganic minerals is carried by the blood and through a wide range of vital body organs, like the heart and kidneys. In some organs were partially buried and inorganic minerals too long will cause interference with the organ, such as:
  • When buried in the kidneys, resulting in urinary stones and kidney stones.
  • When buried in the walls of blood vessels, can lead to cholesterol, calcification and blockage of blood vessels.
  • When buried in the bile will cause gallstones.
  • When buried in the eye cause cataracts.
  • When buried in the liver will continue to cirrhosis (liver cancer).
  • If buried in Pancreatic Beta will inhibit the production of insulin.
  • When buried in the body and surrounds the body's cells, it will inhibit the oxygen to react with the nutrients to the cells, which can cause cancer.
If we know the inorganic minerals are not useful to the body and in the end just thrown out of the body, why should we risk our vital organs by drinking water that is not pure???

If you love with your vital organs, make it a habit to drink pure water from NOW ..!

The water I drink is clean and clear, whether this includes pure water?

Not necessarily, because the water was in the form of inorganic dissolved solids material and can not be seen by the eye. To determine whether or not pure water we drink can be done with the aid of TDS or for a more thorough search using PWT (Pure Water Tester). Both of these tools work the same principle, which measures how much of the content of dissolved solids in the water. The greater the number shown this tool, the more solid ingredients soluble in water, meaning the water is not pure. Choose water measurements with TDS or PWT showed the smallest, because it is the purest water.

What about the Vortex Water?

Vortex Water produced by advanced process (2 phases) in pure water with high quality, so that the resulting pure water has a higher dissolved oxygen content, the smaller the size of water molecules (micro-clusters) and bioenergy increased. No doubt Vortex Water is the water of high quality healthcare with excellence:
  1. Having the highest purity levels, so it is good to take care of the vital organs of your body.
  2. Water Vortex will increase again bioenergy field and immune system. With the Vortex Water mimum you become stronger, more resilient to adverse external influences, such as environmental pollution, electromagnetic and geopathic stress.
  3. High dissolved oxygen content, which helps to overcome interference with the body's cells and help the healing process.
  4. The small size of water molecules (micro-clusters), making it easier to penetrate into the cells and helps blood circulation becomes more fluent. In the form of micro cluster, Vortex water is suitable for drinking medication or mix medications as drug carriers because the water will be easier and faster entry into the cell.
  5. Having bioenergy increases, thus increasing the body's immunity and maintain your fitness.
  6. Having biophoton content increased, so as to prevent the aging process and help cure various diseases.

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