Saturday, December 1, 2012

Safe Safety Search For Your Kids and More Internet Safety Tips

Using the safe browsing feature above ensures that Google SafeSearch is always "on". There are 3 levels of safe search filtering: Off (no filtering), Moderate (filters images only), and Strict Filtering (filters both text & images).

When conducting searches apart from this site on Google's main page, check your computer settings.

To implement SafeSearch on every computer in your school, simply have all students conduct Google Internet Searches from

Internet Safety Tips for Kids - Safer Search at Home and at School!
  • Implement the use of Google SafeSearch by bookmarking this page here for your kids to use whenever they search online. Using this website ensures that Google SafeSearch is always turned on and always set to the most strict filtering setting.
  • If your child is conducting searches on Google's main site at, make sure your search settings are set to "strict filtering" at
  • Do not replace parental or teacher supervision of computer use at home or at school with this safe search engine or any other. No search filtering software or tool is perfect.
  • A good rule of thumb is to not allow internet use when a child is home alone without proper supervision, even with this Google for Kids search engine.
  • Keep your computer in an open area. If your computer is in a home office, make a rule that doors are always left open when online.  Learn about YouTube parental controls.
  • It's not a good idea to allow computers or laptops in your kids bedrooms, even while using the free internet filter, unless they are close to the main area of the house such as the kitchen or living room with doors left open.
  • Be careful of allowing your kids to search for images online.  Use Googe Safe Image Search for added protection.
  • Do not allow internet use after you've gone to bed at night no matter how good your computer security software is or how confident you are in kids search engines.
  • Learn how to turn on safe search for times when your children are not using this website to conduct their searches.
  • Consider installing a safe browser for kids or a complete security program such as Safe Eyes providing anti-virus protection as well as internet filtering.
  • Do not allow file sharing programs to be installed on your computer. Only use safe and secure music download programs from trusted sources on the internet. Learn more about safe music downloading.
  • If your child is searching for videos on YouTube, learn how you can activate YouTube parental controls.
  • Have an open conversation with your kids about safe browsing and computer use. With freedom comes responsibility.
  • Report inappropriate website that appear in our search results to create the safest search engine possible.
Internet Security Software Solutions - Internet Safety for Kids!
This site offers two computer security solutions to assist in kids internet safety on the internet, whether at home or in schools. The goal is ensure internet security for kids as well as computer security on or offline. We understand computer security is a top priority for children and teens alike.

  1. The first solution is safe browsing implementing the use of Google SafeSearch for Kids. Simply use the search box above where safe search is always turned on, or click here for our secure safe search page with less graphics. Bookmark google safe search on your child's computer at home or at school.
  2. The second way to protect your kids online is family internet filtering. Implment the use of Internet Security Software which blocks mature websites. For something more simple, we recommend KIDO'Z - the safe browser for kids.  KIDO'Z includes pre-loaded safe websites with the ability for parents to add additional favorites.

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