Friday, December 7, 2012

Recommendation : How To Make a nice Blog

some of these I show some of the best websites in google search, beautify the blog to get a lot of visits from our dreams that move in the virtual world, here I recommend several websites that provide the best advice to help you in building your website or blog, welcome to visit.
  1. 7 Elements to Make Your Blog Look Great | Pro Blog Design - Terjemahkan laman ini
    26 Jun 2008 – In What Makes a Design Good?, I talked about the technical aspects of a good design, like site and user goals, branding, and distinction.
  2. How to Make a Nice Blog | › Internet - Terjemahkan laman ini
    How to Make a Nice Blog. You don't have to write your deepest thoughts in a paper journal with a pen anymore. Now, create an online blog, short for weblog.
  3. How To Make a Nice Blog - Terjemahkan laman ini
    3 Nov 2007 – blogging tips and search engine optimization, blogger visit here.
  4. How to Make a Good Blog GREAT - 9 Tips - Terjemahkan laman ini

    James Debono
    oleh James Debono - dalam 323 lingkaran Google+
    25 Jan 2012 – If you want to learn how to make a good blog GREAT then you need to read this post today to get 9 proven tips that will encourage readers to ...
  5. ILMU KIETA: 5 ways to make a good blog

    Aprilian Doni
    17 Jul 2011 – How to Make a Nice Blog.Forget the paper and pen, start a web journal or blog.You don't have to write your deepest thoughts in a paper journal ...
  6. HOW TO: Build a More Beautiful Blog - Terjemahkan laman ini

    Matt Silverman
    oleh Matt Silverman - dalam 10.289 lingkaran Google+
    28 Jan 2010 – The best part is, you don't have to be a designer or a programmer to create a great looking blog, but you should know where to find the right ...
  7. How to Make a Good Blog Great – 9 Tips | Business 2 Community - Terjemahkan laman ini
    oleh James Debono - dalam 323 lingkaran Google+
    1 Feb 2012 – Only 7% of a speech's meaning is communicated by the words that you speak. Thirty eight percent is conveyed through your vocal tone and a ...
  8. 50 Creative Ways to Make Your Blog Popular - Terjemahkan laman ini
    28 Jan 2008 – Podcasting is another good way to make your blog popular. Publicize your blog to your friends and relatives and let them do some work for you.
  9. How To Make A Good First Impression With Your Blog - YouTube

  10. 45 Excellent Blog Designs | Smashing Magazine

    www.smashingmaga... - Amerika Serikat - Terjemahkan laman ini

    28 Aug 2007 – Pretty and colourful header-graphics doesn't make a good blog. The blog needs a solid visual structure, a profound hierarchy of site elements; ...
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