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Healthy And Therapy : Vortex Water Distribution In Yogyakarta

Today nearly all sources of drinking water on Earth was not spared from pollution, so it is very difficult to get pure water. We need pure water, because our bodies are more than 70% consists of water and generally is in the body and also in each cell is pure water. Vortex Water use basic ingredients such as pure water with very high purity level (TDS 0.00). This gives assurance that the Vortex Water free from any contamination, whether bacteria, heavy metals, chemical wastes, and mieral-Inorganic minerals.

Vortex Water is a 'living water' or 'water of life', because the water has been revitalized with the technology vortex plus additional quantum technologies such as bio-energy at a frequency of 7.8 Hz (corresponding to the Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz), so the water is returned to the state of "Water Life "and also served to increase the" life energy "you. Vortex Water is more than just water health, with high quality, hygienically processed using a unique and patented technology that no other company. Alloy modern water purification technology, and combined with the Vortex Quantum produce drinking water that is perfect for your body's health.

To produce water quality healthcare, water vortex has gone through several important stages, namely:
  • The source of water taken from the water straight out of the ground, WITHOUT suction, and then purified with modern technology to produce water with very high purity, free from any contamination, whether bacteria, heavy metals, chemical wastes, and inorganic minerals. Evidence produced pure water obtained charter HIGH QUALITY MURI as the water levels and the ENDURANCE HIGH PURITY longest in Indonesia.

  • THAT IS PURE Water (certified MURI) revitalized with Vortex technology to restore the original quality of water (oxygen content, energy and the molecular structure of water) like the one in 'mother nature'. The technology that we have developed are designed vortex approaching conditions that exist in nature, because nature, in which we are a part, moves in spirals. This is particularly evident in the shells, snails, deer antlers, pine cones and vines such as Clematis and ivy. In more subtle ways, all the plants always grow in spirals, turning to face the sun. DNA of all organisms form a double helix spiral. The water in the river system that flows naturally in the form of a winding vortex and never follow a straight path, and all objects in free fall, drops of rain, and the other, falling in a spiral motion smooth. So is blood in the blood vessels moving in this way as well and our blood vessels not a straight line. They winding road through our bodies like a river winding through the countryside. With this spiral motion allows all forms of life 'recharged' and that life on this planet exist and thrive.
  • We use the technology vortex, because of research known water requires natural winding spiraling vortex motion to stay healthy, because it allows the movement of water to 'recharge' and maintain the life force, which appears as an energy field surrounding ether.
  • Restructuring water molecules into smaller groups (micro clusters / hexagonal), so that the biochemical function of water in the body increases (more active). Vortex technology also enables the use of the molecular structure of water was restructured to form hexagonal / microcluster (a group consisting of 5-7 water molecules), the oxygen content increases, more water is on, the memory of water cleared of traces of harmful frequencies, so that the water comes alive and healthy again. Activity of water molecules that emit Bioceramics improved using bio-energy with a wavelength of 7.83 Hz, so that the role of water in the body to optimize the body's metabolism, improve blood circulation, help the process of healing various diseases and maintain overall health.
  • Independent research by Prof. Jacques Benveniste, Dr Wolfgang Ludwig, Prof. David Schweitzer and others have shown that water can store information and retrieve positive or negative energetic imprint by transferring vibrations. This "memory of water" and the phenomenon is due to the structure of the water dipole. Hundreds of water molecules group together and form a cluster, where the mineral colloids, and biophotons (light energy) interact. This group is a structure that is very sensitive and easily influenced by the effects of vibration. In this way water acts as a receiver and transmitter of information. In this case, the energy emitted by Bioceramics be captured directly by the water and stored in the "memory of water", and then brought into our bodies when we drink water Vortex.
  • Air diresonansi by wave energy released by Clear Quartz Crystal Healing which serves as transformers and amplifiers of energy in the energy range of biological functions to balance the energy and biological systems of our bodies at the cellular level, as well as emotional and mental levels. In general uses of Clear Quartz Crystal Healing to strengthen the energy is in the water, either in the form of ether energy or energy emitted from Bioceramics in order to function optimally in the body. In this case, the human body is a series of energy systems and Clear Quartz Crystal Healing is a device to adjust and balance systems.
Some of the benefits of drinking VORTEX Water can be seen below:
  1. Vortex Water helps transport the circulatory system in the body more efficiently.
  2. Vortex Water free from all impurities. Free of inorganic minerals, bacteria, viruses, toxic chemicals, and radioactive elements.
  3. Vortex Water can be absorbed into the body more quickly without causing any damage to the body tissues.
  4. Vortex Water eliminates irritation and also increased renal blood flow purity, so that not only strengthens the kidneys, but also your body's organs.
  5. Vortex Water more efficiently purify your body of toxins or foreign substances that are not useful, among other things:
  •         Dissolve the crystals precipitate in the kidneys and bladder.
  •         Cleaning the colon and blood vessels of the toxic chemicals.
  •         Scrape the crust (the cause of rheumatic and gout) in the joints.
  • Vortex Water reverse polarity (negative / positive) of toxic substances, such as heavy metals, pesticides and nitrates, thereby eliminating their harmful effects on the human body.
  • Vortex water will turn mucousal folds of the colon and small intestine, resulting in the formation of new blood / fresh by mucousal fold more leverage (in medical terms is called aematopaises). Blood is fresh / new has a very important role in curing disease and maintaining health.
  • Water Vortex will increase again bioenergy field and immune system. With the Vortex Water mimum you become stronger, more resilient to adverse external influences, such as environmental pollution, electromagnetic and geopathic stress.
  • Vortex Water helps maintain body temperature to remain stable
  • Vortex Water helps keep skin smooth and soft
  • Vortex Water can inhibit the aging process, because it contains biophoton with greater amounts than normal drinking water. Biophoton light emission is a molecular and cellular level, which according to Prof. Fritz Albert Popp (German inventor of the biophoton theory), regulate cell growth and regeneration, as well as control all biochemical processes within living organisms.
  • Vortex Water can be used to help your diet program, because generally a person will experience a dramatic increase in energy after drinking water restructured, and this often causes decreased appetite.
Vortex Water helps cure several diseases, among others:
  •         Headache
  •         Kidney Stones
  •         High Blood
  •         Excess Uric Acid
  •         Anemia
  •         Hemorrhoid
  •         Rheumatism
  •         Constipation
  •         Obesity
  •         Cardiovascular Disorders
  •         Cough
  •         Diabetes
  •         Asthma
  •         Urethral Diseases
  •         Bronchitis
  •         Laryngitis
  •         Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  •         Inflammation of the mucus membrane
  1. When used for cooking rice or vegetables will add delicacy and durable.
  2. When used to brew coffee, tea, chocolate milk Capucinoatau will add delicacy, because of the taste and aroma are not bound by other particles.
  3. Good to be used as advance care / beauty skin (blend mask).
  4. For mothers who will wisely use water vortex to mix baby milk.
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