Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seo Safety : Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor With Infra Red

Baby Monitor have many advantages for busy parents. They allow parents to hear what is going on in the child’s room from another room. While most crying babies can be heard throughout most homes, baby monitors can alert parents to a fall or in some cases, an intruder who enters the room. Newer versions of baby monitors include video, where parents can see as well as hear their child.

However, baby monitors can be dangerous. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that seven children have died since 2002 after getting wrapped up in cords. The organization recommends that parents should adhere to some safety precautions if using baby monitors.

The biggest problem with safety monitors is with the cords. Keep the cords out of the arm’s reach of the child.

Place the monitor as far away from the crib, play area or other area where the child is. This will ensure that the cord is at least three feet away from the areas as well. Some parents use a movement baby monitor. These sense when the child has moved. Again, make sure the cords don’t tangle so that the child will not strangle. The Safety Commission is so concerned about the safety of baby monitors that they recalled two brands in early 2011. Those recalled were 1.7 million video baby monitors made by Summer Infant and Slim and Secure Video Monitors, made by the same company. Parents can contact the company at 800-426-8627 if they have one of these monitors.

The Ohio Department of Health features the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Program that works with various programs throughout the state in providing guidance and understanding in sudden and unexpected infant deaths. Baby monitors that include video may help parents stay on alert with infant activity.

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