Friday, June 29, 2012

The New Safety Product Will Be Launched

Mining sector safety equipment manufacturer Mine Safety Appliances (MSA), a division of South Africa MSA Company Africa, says it plans to launch four safety products later this year. The products are the AirXpress, the Advantage 400, the PrimaX Gas and the Sordin left/RIGHT CutOff Pro.

The AirXpress, which is a supplied-air respirator with compact harness, has a pneumatic system that passes inside the respirator to protect the user from hook-up and abrasion, and is directly connected to a demand valve.

“The Advantage 400 series user-friendly air-purifying respirator comprises a single loop head harness. The unit offers high comfort and flexibility. The PrimaX Gas transmitter has an innovative enclosure design, quick site installation and the ability to detect a wide range of gases. The product has a patent pending,” says MSA marketing director Paul Gibbon.

The Sordin left/RIGHT CutOff Pro headset is an electronic level-dependent headset, with two external microphones that detect ambient sounds, while simultaneously blocking out any impulse sound over 82 dB. This means it allows the user to hear warning signs, as well as have face-to-face communication, while protecting against harmful noise concurrently, says the company.

Further, MSA is also in the planning stages of introducing cap lamps with tracking systems to locate miners in the event of an underground accident.

“MSA’s products are designed based on continuous research on safety trends and the company’s experience in the mining and personal protective equipment (PPE) market,” says MSA customer focus programmes and loyalty director Hayley Arnesen.

MSA assists its many clients to choose PPE-related products and facilitates the training required to use the safety products. The company also provides advice to ensure safety is never compromised, Arnesen says. In February, MSA celebrated 70 years of providing safety products to the mining industry in Africa. The company reports it was the first in Africa to develop an electric lamp – the Edison electric cap lamp.

“After 25 years of its existence, the cap lamp has reduced coal-mine-related explosion deaths by 75%. The cap lamp enables the miner to work in any position without the unit interfering with the free motion of the body,” the company states.

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