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On the face of Pinhole Glasses or goggles therapy Aerobic Glasses look like ordinary sunglasses. But when viewed from close range carefully, you will find a few rows of a pinhole-sized holes, located at specific positions are not uniformly impressed magnifications.

For those of you who have good eyesight disorders myopi / nearsightedness (minus) farsighted (plus) or a cylinder, you will be able to prove themselves the truth of the working principle of these glasses when viewing or reading the paper that you can not see clearly with the naked eye by wearing these glasses you will be able to see clearly even without glasses lens. This proves that by wearing these glasses will make your eye muscles to focus, so that the shadow of the object falls right in the yellow spot of the retina and therefore you can see clearly.

Therapy should be run to address abnormalities in your eyes is to wear these glasses when watching TV or reading continuously for 30-60 minutes every day, so hopefully will naturally strengthen your eye muscles are already weakened.

Working Principle : Pin Hole Glasses :

To understand how the pin-hole glasses to work, you need to know the reasons why your eyesight becomes weaker

There are two types of muscle that circles the eye of the retina of your eye. One we call a muscle cylinder, serves to suppress the retina and make thicker. Another one is called a radical and muscle functions to pull the retina in order to be thin.

On the front there is a retinal eye. Image transferred to the receiver located at the back through the retina.

When you see a nearby object, the cylinder will push the muscle and muscle will radically expand, making a thicker retina and bring the retina closer to the receiver, then the object will be focused on the receiver.

When you see a distant object, the muscles will radically expand, making the retina is thinner and away from the receiver. With thhs object will be in focus to the top of the receiver.

Weak visibility is usually caused by an incorrect reading, poor diet, stress, pollution or contamination of natural and disease-related eye diseases. There is some pressure that causes the eye muscles are not normal pressure, resulting objects can not be properly focused onto the receiver. This then causes the vision to be weak, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and cylinders.

Pressure above the eye muscles will also inhibit blood flow and causes the muscles of the eyes and the eyes of the other components do not get the nutrients that should be taken. Therefore, rest your eyes when fatigue is very important.

Pin Hole glasses will rest your eyes by diverting pressures experienced every day. At the same time, a hole or cavity glasses make your eyes focus without aggravating your eye muscles work. These glasses reduce the emission of light entering the eye and increase the focus on you, thus making the object focused according denagn appropriate magnifications.

Who Needs : Pin Hole Glasses?

Pinhole Glasses are made specifically for those who wear glasses or contact lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and cylinders. Can improve weak eyesight for all groups including elementary, junior high school and adults. Even though parents. Basically, since you use glasses, your glasses into a kind of stick in your eye. Your result is too dependent on your glasses, your eyesight weakened. Then drawback of glasses are glasses need to be replaced if your eyes are getting weaker because of the minus, plus or cylinder increases. By using a pin-hole glasses, make your vision will gradually recover.

These glasses can not work miracles in a day use only. You are wearing eye glasses have become weaker over the years due to dependence on crutches (glasses). Your eyesight is a good start at the beginning of therapy you wear glasses this is a temporary result. Learn the habit of focusing your eyes with goggles daily use of the therapy through the eyes a rest and exercises focus on the eyes.

Booking procedure / order for pin hole spectacles therapy, regardless of the number of both retail and wholesale, it is very easy. You can contact Customer Service is very friendly over the phone or SMS only.
  1. You can contact our customer service and order glasses confirm how much therapy you want.
  2. And confirm the name and address of who you are where the glasses will be delivered therapy.
  3. You can make payment by the amount and price confirmed Customer Service by way of transfer
  4. After payment, please confirm again by the Bank where you have to make payments. (nb: this is the most important point, because we will check)
  5. Customer Service will confirm the delivery receipt number
 Price : $25 / PCS

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  1. Maybe i should get some of these glasses---my eyesight has gotten worse over the years and now I always have to wear contacts, whichI hate putting in every morning, but I prefer that over wearing my reading glasses all the time!
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