Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Operating a Bulldozer Requires Special Safety Rules

Operating a Bulldozer Requires Special Safety Rules

The bulldozer was invented primarily for farm work such as ploughing fields. It has become more powerful and sophisticated with time and modernization of heavy equipment. Learning to handle this giant earthmover requires the operator to know certain safety rules to keep everyone safe.

If you haven’t seen a bulldozer, than you may not realize the massive size of this heavy equipment. This monster machine’s pure size, if not operated correctly, can cause injury and even death to the operator, the ground crew and destruction to anything else in its way — including other equipment.

We all heard about general heavy equipment safety tips but there are safety rules that need to be followed specifically for the bulldozer.

Bulldozer safety tips :


Only qualified and trained drivers should operate a bulldozer. This isn’t an equipment anybody with can just hop in and operate. In fact, if there is just one bulldozer operator on the team, than he or she should be the sole operator — no substitutions even if the need may arise.

Common sense safety steps such as wearing a safety belt need to be followed. A safety belt may just save you from head injury.

Before attempting to work, operators must make sure nothing is obstructing the area and that the machine and all parts are working properly. The horn is one thing that should be tested.

Communication and inspection of the bulldozer area work site is extremely important. Operators should coordinate with the traffic department and make sure there is a lead person who will control and take responsibility of the traffic while work is in progress. Road blocks or flagman can be utilized to keep areas safe for bulldozer use.

Bulldozer operators should get in the habit of looking up when conducting inspections. This is because bulldozers can actually run into overhead power lines that might cause a possible accident. This is the same for looking below since a trench or an excavation area can cause mechanical and structural damage to the equipment as well as possible risk for injury to the operator

Safety is important in handling any kind of equipment, but specific safety tips should be followed for the bulldozer operator. A good professional heavy equipment school can help you learn about those tips and rules. Learning the important of safety before getting in the driver’s seat can save a life — maybe yours.


  1. Knowing these things about bulldozers makes me realize how special this equipment is. Plus, not everyone is capable of operating this so good job to the operators!