Friday, April 20, 2012

The New Technology From Vodafone

Latest technology news,One telecommunications company in the United namely Vodafone has launched two Android applications and mobile content filter to help improve safety for children mobile phone users.

Application called the Guardian offers parents the ability to block calls and messages to prevent "cyber bullying" or to transfer a text message of intimidation to the folder that is safe for use as evidence when reporting the incident to the police or school.

It also allows parents to restrict outgoing calls to a predetermined number, and determine the time at which calls can not be made or received.

Moreover, it can also make the time limit on the use of a particular application, blocked access to the web or mobile phone camera for a certain time.

The application also sends text messages to parents if the phone used to call the emergency services, but does not record calls to the hotline counseling records such as Childline to protect confidentiality.

This application has been launched in Egypt, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and the UK, with other countries that follow.

Besides releasing Guardian Applications, vodafone also released a digital application Parenting. This application can provide assistance and advice for parents who want their children to benefit from the smartphone to protect them from harm. Digital Parenting App now available in the UK, and the future will be available in other countries.

Vodafone Group CEO Vittorio Colao in mobile news report said, "The smartphone revolution is very positive for the community, changing the way millions of people to communicate, share and learn. Children and young people have an intuitive understanding of the new communication world smartphones and mobile internet.

"However, parents who are concerned about the potential risks of cyber-bullying and unsuitable content often lack the tools, support and skills to protect and support their children. Digital Guardian application and Parenting Vodafone will empower parents and improve their ability to share digital way of their children until adulthood. "

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