Saturday, December 3, 2011

Limit Your Speed

Limit your speed - limit the risk.

Inability to stop in time is the biggest cause of death on our roads. One in three deaths could have been avoided if the driver had gone slower in towns and on rural roads. In government surveys, more than half of drivers break 30mph speed limits. Always remember... Drive at 20mph or lower.

In areas where you are likely to come across pedestrians, cyclists or horse riders, drive at 20mph or lower. The faster you go, the harder you hit. At 20mph a pedestrian you knock over stands a 90% chance of surviving. At 40mph they stand a 90% chance of dying.

Drive well within all limits.

At all times on all roads drive well within the limits. Check your speedo if you are not sure of your speed. Believe lower limits - they are there because of hazards ahead. Stay in third gear in 30mph zones. This will help prevent your speed from creeping up.

Give yourself time.

Ensure you have time to slow or stop for the unexpected. Nothing happens "suddenly" to good drivers. Keep your distance. Go slower when you have spotted a hazard. If you are late ring ahead.

Drive well within the limits and you will arrive relaxed and hardly any later than if you had been speeding. Being good at driving.

Just because you think that you are a good driver does not mean to say that you can drive faster. The place to test your reaction times is not on the road. Having a modern vehicle.

Just because your car allows you to go faster does not mean that you should drive faster. Having ABS brakes won't help the child you hit because you were going too fast.

Ignore speeders.

Do not allow others to influence you to go faster. Slow down and let them overtake in a safe place. One day they will be caught and punished.

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