Saturday, November 26, 2011

Safer Driving Vehicle

Check your vehicle

Safe drivers deserve safe vehicles.

Dangerous vehicles kill. There are essential checks that everyone must carry out on their vehicle. Defects such as bald tyres, defective brakes and lights that don't work are common. The consequence is sometimes death and serious injury. So... Clean windows, mirrors, and lights

Carry washer fluid, glass cleaner, de-icer, and cloths, ice scraper. Replace windscreen wipers if worn.

Check lights work before driving

Ask a friend to help.

Check tyre pressures

When the tyres are cold check the pressures once a week. Your vehicle's handbook will tell you the right pressure. (Don't forget the spare!) If in doubt, consult a garage or tyre specialist.

Check tyre tread once a month

If you are a high mileage driver, check your tyre tread more frequently. Car tyres have 'tread wear indicator' bars, which are small ridges set into the main grooves. These indicate the legal minimum tread. If you cannot find them look for the letters TWI on your tyre wall or ask a garage. Change tyres before they reach this point. The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm for cars, but less than 3mm is risky in wet or icy weather. Also check for bulges and cracks.

Warning lights

After you start your vehicle warning lights should go off. If a light stays on, do not drive. Consult a garage. The annual "MOT"

This is a legal requirement for all vehicles except new ones. It is also important to service your vehicle according to the manufacturer's guidelines - it will retain its value better and ensure it is safe. Lorries and buses

Drivers of these vehicles should carry out additional daily checks and maintain their vehicles according to manufacturer recommendations.

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