Monday, November 28, 2011

Safer Driving Secure

Secure yourself

If buying a car, ask about crash protection features such as air bags. Always wear protective gear.

The easiest way to improve your chances of survival in a crash is to belt up and properly secure children and luggage. The easiest way to improve the chances of drivers seeing you on a motorbike is to be visible. Do it. Belt up

Clunk-click every trip, in front and back. The diagonal strap must rest on your shoulder. Pregnant women must wear a belt (with the lap part over the thighs). Adjust headrests properly and avoid crippling whiplash

The centre of a headrest must be at eye level. Your seat must be as straight as possible so the headrest is just behind your head, ideally touching.

Fit child seats carefully

You must use one made for the child's size and weight, which is secured according to the instructions. It must be UN E-marked or BSI kite marked. For more information call your local council and ask to speak to your road safety officer.

Luggage must be secured

Secure luggage in a boot or make sure it is strapped down. An umbrella has the same power as a hammer in a 30mph collision. Motorcyclists must be visible

Your best crash protection is to be seen. Always ride with your lights on, day or night. Buy and wear a reflective yellow jacket with fluorescent strips.

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