Thursday, December 1, 2011

Safer Driving Other

Think of others

Expect the unexpected. You cannot predict what is round a corner, for example. It could be someone you are about to kill.

The risks of being killed on the road if you are not in a vehicle, are significantly higher because you are unprotected. Cyclists are eight times, and motorcyclists 25 times, more likely to die on the road per mile travelled than car drivers. One in five people who die on the road is on foot. Be careful and... Expect people

Some people, such as older people, may not move fast or see or hear traffic. Children run out without looking. Drunk adults stagger onto the road. Expect bikes

Double check all around for motorbikes and cyclists, particularly when pulling out at a junction or changing lanes. Give plenty of room when passing them - they often wobble. If it isn't safe to pass, hold back. Expect animals

Horses and their riders use roads too, particularly country lanes. Slow right down and pass when safe. Watch out for pets and wild animals, which often run out in front of vehicles. Drive well within the limits

The most important thing you can do, particularly within towns and rural areas, is to drive well within the limits. The faster you go, the less chance you have to avoid a person or animal. The faster you go, the harder you hit. Keep looking at all times

Make sure you look to the front, to the side and behind. Always use all your mirrors and signal before moving.

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