Sunday, November 27, 2011

Safer Driving Motorway

Motorway driving

Never try to mend a vehicle yourself - always wait.

Motorways are the safest roads in the UK. But when collisions happen, they are likely to result in deaths due to high speeds. The driving test does not require us to drive on the motorway. It is common to make the most basic mistakes. Therefore... Take more training

If you are in any doubt about your motorway skills why not seek further training.

Plan ahead

Make sure you know which junctions you need. Never check a map on the move. Obey speed limits

Including lower limits imposed due to congestion, weather or road works. Go slower

In bad weather, always use fog lights in fog. Don't try to keep up with the car ahead.

Leave a gap

Always ensure that there is at least two seconds between you and the car in front. Leave at least four seconds in bad weather.

Keep to the left lane

Unless overtaking, keep to the left.

Take a break

Every two hours, take a break for at least 15 minutes.

If you break down

Pull onto the hard shoulder and put on warning lights. Leave your vehicle from a left hand door. Call for help from an emergency phone which are approximately one mile apart and marked every hundred metres and wait on the verge.

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