Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Safer Driving at Night

Driving at night

Go slower when you move from a lit to an unlit road. It takes time for your eyes to adjust.

At night it is harder to spot hazards and it is harder for others to spot you. If you don't take the darkness into consideration, you could kill someone. So remember... Check lights work before driving. Ask a friend to help you. Be the first to use lights

Lights should be used at dusk, dawn, in bad weather and on a gloomy day. Use dipped beam

In urban areas make sure you use dipped beam. Use full beam on other roads at night but "dip, don't dazzle" when there is someone in front or coming towards you. If you are dazzled, slow down and stop if necessary. Go more carefully

Drive at a speed that enables you to stop within the distance you can see. Look out

Keep your eyes open for pedestrians, cyclists and motorbike riders, particularly those who are not wearing bright clothing or do not have lights. Take extra care when driving past pubs, cinemas, theatres and clubs at closing time.

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