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Indonesia begins work on Southeast Asia's largest floating solar plant , Info Daikin

  JAKARTA, Indonesia will begin work on a 145 megawatt (MW) floating solar power project, the largest in Southeast Asia, after state power utility Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) and Masdar of the United Arab Emirates agreed financing or the project on Tuesday (Aug 3). Indonesia aims to have 23 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2025 and the government has said the country will try to reach net zero emissions by 2060 by moving away from coal. "By securing the financial support for this project, we can immediately start the construction stage," PLN chief executive Zulkifli Zaini said in an online briefing on Tuesday. "We are optimistic that, with the support of all stakeholders, this environmentally friendly project can start commercial operation on schedule," he added. Financing of the project was arranged through Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Societe Generale, and Standard Chartered Bank, Masdar said in a separate statement on Tuesday. Construction of the
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9 Alasan Nyata Ahmed Si Kreator Jam

1. G uru bahasa Inggris Ahmed Menurut laporan Dallas News, polisi tiba di sekolah dan memborgol Ahmed yang saat itu mengenakan baju NASA tepat di hadapan teman-temannya, setelah guru bahasa Inggris Ahmed melihat jam buatannya.  Masih dari sumber yang sama, diketahui bahwa Ahmed merupakan anak dari imigran yang berasal dari Sudan. 2. Meski tidak punya alasan kuat bahwa jam itu adalah bom , polisi tetap menangkap Ahmed Juru bicara kepolisian setempat, masih bersumber dari Dallas News, mengatakan, "Kami tidak memiliki informasi bahwa jam itu diklaim sebagai bom. Dia terus mempertahankan bahwa itu jam, tapi tidak ada penjelasan lebih lanjut. Ini bisa menjadi keliru sebagai sebuah perangkat yang dibiarkan di kamar mandi atau di bawah mobil. Perhatikan saja, untuk apa benda ini dibuat? Perlukah kami membawa anak itu ke tahanan?". Dia juga menambahkan bahwa jika orang-orang melihat jam tersebut, orang-orang akan paham mengapa jam tersebut mencolok dan perlu mendapa

Registry Windows : How To Prevent Access Into Drive C ?

Generally drive C of the computer usually contains system files that are used for the operating system works. sometimes you do not want the drive is accessed by others, to do so you can use the command gpedit. but what if you are not an administrator? which is managed on a computer , only the administrator can open gpedit. You can do it through the computer hacking windows registry editor, of course, you can hack it, if it is not in the registry editor disabled by administrator, by : Open the registry editor. access to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ MICROSOFT \ WINDOWS \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ EXPLORER. FOR VALUE DWORD, called NoViewOnDrive. make sure the file does not exist, you just need to modify it. Change the value to 4 Click OK To see the results you have to restart your computer first. after restart the computer , open Windows Explorer and click on the C drive icon then you will see the results.

Wacom Cintiq 24 HD On Multi Touch Gesture

A few weeks ago, Wacom started shipping a new version of its Cintiq 24HD pen display for creative pros that first broke from cover last September. The appropriately named Cintiq 24HD touch carries virtually the same outer styling as the OG model. An ergonomic base still cradles the massive 24-inch screen and can be configured to your particular seating preference. On the inside, though, there's a host of changes. As the name suggests, the major difference between the two is the addition of multi-touch controls to the more recent offering. However, the added functionality does come with a pretty hefty price tag, as the Cintiq 24HD touch costs $1,100 more than its elder sibling. Are the additions of touch gestures and an improved display panel enough to justify forking over the extra coin, or will the less expensive option work just fine in a studio setting? Read on to find out as we tackle that very question. Wacom 24HD touch review Hardware As we've already ment

Sony Mobile Adds Two New Xperia Smartphone

Sony Mobile Communications announced the addition of two new Xperia smartphone models to its 2013 spring line up - the Xperia SP and Xperia L. The Xperia SP delivers 4G LTE performance and the latest camera features with a razor sharp HD screen. The Xperia L offers class-leading camera technology with High Dynamic Range (HDR) that is also complemented by a high quality screen. Both the Xperia SP and Xperia L offer the best of Sony with stunning premium designs and a range of technologies for the ultimate viewing experience, including NFC connectivity for One-touch function, Battery STAMINA Mode for extended battery life, and Sony's signature media apps for enjoying photos, music, movies and games on the go. Spyridon Gousetis, Director of Marketing, Sony Mobile Communications, Middle East and Africa, said: "The new Xperia smartphones follow the similar sleek design and innovation of their predecessors, with enhancements that seek to amplify user experiences. T

Lenovo Ditches Windows 8 For 7 For The Enterprise

Lenovo is one of the stable powerhouses in the PC market, catering well for both enterprise customers and consumers. Just how well are they catering for the enterprise? Well as it turns out, rather than subjecting customers to the difficulty of learning a new operating system (Windows 8, that is), Lenovo is shipping Windows 7 on new enterprise-designated orders as they recognize the official Windows 8-to-7 downgrade can be tricky. If you do happen to want Windows 8 on your enterprise machine, you'll have to install it through the discreetly bundled Windows 8 disc, which even includes software that brings back the Start menu if you so choose to install it. Lenovo's strategy seems to be doing quite well so far, as they continue to report growth each quarter, although it's not a good sign for the uptake of Windows 8. That said, Lenovo's choice to downgrade machines to Windows 7 by default is probably saving businesses a large amount of time, as many companies would

How To Be Successful On Youtube

In a few short years YouTube has gone from being an entertaining curiosity filled with funny videos to the world’s second largest search engine. During that span the company (along with Google) managed to harness its initial popularity to create an increasingly lucrative marketing hub as more viewers and advertisers migrated from television to the Internet. No longer strictly the domain of film geeks and funny video aficionados, the network, which boasts more than 2 billion video views monetized per week, can also provide a low-cost to no-cost way to create a social marketing channel for your business. If you aren’t effectively leveraging the network, you’re missing the viral video boat. However, as with most things in life, success isn’t often attained with a  haphazard, slapdash effort. Being successful on YouTube takes planning. These 10 easy steps are a good place to start. 1. Know what “success” means. What are you trying to achieve? Video views – Do you just want a lot o